The True Cost of Corruption

BY: us embassy

17Jul 2017

Nigeria is the single most important strategic partner for the United States in Africa and in order to successfully further our shared goals, the U.S. Mission in Nigeria has made combating corruption a central priority.  Throughout the country we hear reports of alleged corruption, from the $42 million found in the apartment in Ikoyi to the $6 billion fuel subsidy scam, but conceptualizing the impact from millions and billions is almost impossible. However, the cost of corruption should not only be measured in currency, but in the daily cost to hardworking Nigerian citizens.  We have all heard stories of the cost of corruption.  A taxi driver – let’s say his name is Olufemi – see more

Citizens Must Fight Corruption Together

BY: us embassy

11Jul 2017

Fighting corruption is the responsibility of every Nigerian. To win the fight, Nigerians must rally together to use every available corruption fighting tool available. A new tool called “Report Yourself”, is a social media, web-based platform that leverages citizen engagement to fight corruption in Nigeria. “Report Yourself” was created by BudgIT, through a collaboration with the Religious Leaders Anti-Corruption (RLAC) working group, Nigerian law enforcement agencies, civil society organizations, the U.S. Consulate, Lagos, and the Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement. This amazing tool allows people to report instances of corruption through the “Report a Bribe” function and also offers users an opportunity to celebrate honest officers, called Champions of see more