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National ID for N3000

I went to collect my National ID in NIMC Awka, Anambra state , The officer who has ask me to return in one month time demanded that I should pay N3000 before the could fast track my registration and get me my national id. I was disappointed and I decide not to pay, and they are still with my Natioan ID. This happened on October 3rd 2018.


No descripion for this report

police officer collected the said amount from me

police officer at Seme police collected bride of 10,000 naira to help me recover money owed me by someone at Seme

Grand Corruption in the Rivers State Government

Let's be breif and straight to the point. It's sickening to see the Rivers State Government steal from their own people. The PDP party is so corrupt and the newly appointed position Special Assistant to Governor Wike Alfred Bamson is only a minor contributing factor to the theift of government money. Alfred Bamson has been residing and applying for Canadian citizenship and NOT living in Rivers for years. Residing mostly in Winnipeg Canada and Edmonton Canada and currently applying for Canadian status. Doing so with our government money. Buying cars and houses for family members with the help of government money and the PDP party Alfred Bamson step down last election with promses of a government position this election. Now he is special assistant to the governor??? How is that possible when Alfred Bamson has not lived in Rivers let alone Nigeria for years. His focus has not been on the people but his focus has been on using government money to fund a future life in Canada. Alfred Bamson is a dishonest man he steals from our people with the governments help. Governor Wikes is not smart enough to figure out that his special assistant has not lived in Rivers for most of the year and now allowances for security,cars, business loans etc is being sent back to Canada. Stop Wike and the PDP party and Alfred Bamson now

Delay in Issuing Driver's License in Nigeria

The Nigeria Road Safety Corps. After about 6 months of Driver's License renewal, I am yet to receive any call to get my original divers license. Hence, the men of Nigerian Road Safety Corps keep harassing me that I must provide my original License. My appeal is that the FRSC should device an effective means of issuing Driver's License in as soon as applicant is captured and documented nationwide.

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